Getting Started

How to get started propagating

Propagating is a fun way to turn one plant into many, and for free. It can take a couple of tries to get right, but when you do it's rewarding to watch your little guys grow into full-grown plants.

Not all plants can be propagated in water but many can. Our favorites to propagate are monsteras, pothos plants, philodendron, and most succulents.

The ancestors of these plants lived in swamps, so they're now able to adapt to flooding conditions and survive in flooded conditions. However, they are still land plants and will usually do best if you plant them in soil after they get their start in water.

Propagating plants with stem cuttings

Propagating plants from leaf cuttings is as easy as snipping off a stem with a few leaves and rooting it. With a clean pair of scissors or a knife, cut the stem between two leaves.

Place the cutting in water until roots form, after which you can keep it in the water or move it to soil. The mother plant (the one you took the cuttings from) will heal just fine, and soon might produce multiple new shoots from the area you cut.


Enjoy watching your new plants grow!